Power Outage/ Surge

Of all the natural disasters, power outages are the most common cause of data loss. Since the most severe damage to your drive occurs when power returns, follow the advice of our President, Scott Gaidano: "If the power suddenly goes out, drop to the floor and pull the plugs!"


Power Outage/ Surge — sparks, smoke, drive won't spin, drive spins but data is inaccessible.

What to Do
1) Unplug all cords to your computer to prevent further damage (i.e., AC/power, modem, printer, network).
2) After the power returns, wait at least 30 minutes for the power to stabilize before turning your equipment back on.
3) Purchase an uninterruptible power supply (battery back up) and surge suppressor to protect your computer from future power failures.

Extreme power fluctuations can damage electronic components and cause the drive’s read/write heads to write erratically to the media surface, resulting in data corruption.